Haunted Houses New York - Bayville Scream Park - FAQs


Q: What is Bayville Scream Park?

A: Prepare yourself for an adventure filled with mystery, adventure, and horror, as you step into the 4th dimension at Bayville Scream Park. Dare to enter our 6 cryptic haunted attractions, where darkness unveils chilling secrets. Next, discover 3 secret bars hidden within the shadows, offering forbidden libations. 

Unravel the enigma of fear as the night embraces the unknown. Get ready to be thrilled beyond your wildest nightmares. Are you brave enough to venture into the haunting abyss of Bayville? Join us, if you dare.

Q: What are the Secret Bars?

A: Bayville Scream Park has 3 Secret Bars hidden throughout the mazes. Each secret bar is equipped with 3 unique specialty alcoholic drinks, which are available for purchase once inside (ages 21+). We also offer a non-alcoholic drink option.

In order to access all three secret bars, you will need to purchase a V.I.P. Bar Creep Pass, which is $10 per person. Each person in your group must be at least 21 years old to access.

Cannot be purchased separately, must be purchased with a haunted house ticket.

Q: Are the haunted houses really scary?

A: Yes. The night time haunted attractions are designed to be very scary. They are meant for adults and older children. We recommend children be no less than 12 years old.

Q: What age is appropriate for the haunted houses?

A: Parents know their children best and they should decide for themselves about their children. There is no minimum age but we recommend no less than 10 years old. Children less than 12 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.

Q: Will I be touched in the haunted attractions?

A: No. The characters will not try to touch you. If they do touch you it will be incidental and accidental due to being in the dark and in close quarters or due to people in your group getting scared and pushing you toward the characters.

Q: How long does it take to go through each of the haunted houses?

A: Each attraction takes approximately 15 minutes not counting wait times.

Q: What time do I need to arrive to have time to go through all haunted houses?

A: As long as you enter the park before our scheduled closing time you will have time to do all the attractions. The attractions will not close until everyone who has entered the park has finished all the attractions. For example as long as you arrive before midnight to buy your tickets on Friday night you will have time to do all the attractions.

Q: Do the lines get really long at the park?

A: The lines can get long on Friday and Saturday nights. We recommend that you try to come early on Friday and Saturday nights or come on week day nights for the shortest wait times. We also recommend the VIP speed pass to shorten the wait time.

Q: Are there things to eat at Bayville Scream Park?

A: Yes. There are many choices for food and drinks at the park. We have fast food and snacks as well as two full service restaurants and two bars. There is the Creepy Café offering snacks such as cotton candy, popcorn, cookies, candy apples, churros, water, soda, hot chocolate and much more. There is the Beaches and Cream Ice Cream Parlour offering pizza, hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken sandwiches, soft ice cream and home made hard ice cream and fantastic ice cream sundaes. There is the Shipwreck Tavern our full service restaurant offering steaks, seafood, pasta, burgers and much more.

Q: Can I buy tickets online?

A: Yes, you can buy tickets online. Click here.

Q: What is the VIP Speed Pass?

A: The VIP Speed Pass ticket allows you to enter the attraction with a significantly reduced wait time. Wait times vary depending on how busy the park is at the time you buy the speed pass but your wait should be at less than half the wait of the regular line or even less.

Q: If I buy a combo ticket, can I do some attractions one day and the other a different day?

A: Yes. You can spread the haunted houses over as many days as you like during the same season as long as you keep your original ticket and do the first haunted attraction on the day you purchased the ticket.

Q: Is there plenty of parking at Bayville Scream Park?

A: Yes. There is plenty of parking at the park.

Q: What does Bayville Scream Park offer for Kids Not-So-Scary Days?

A: Bayville Scream Park offers 15 attractions for the younger kids. Kids’ not so scary days offer less intense versions of two of our haunted attractions for younger children. We believe Kids’ not so scary days are appropriate for children less than 10 years of age. They include the Fun House and the Temple of Terror. Both attractions will have the special effects turned off and no actors. We also offer a Pumpkin Patch, Pumpkin Bounce and the Halloween Express Haunted Train and Hay Ride as well as all the regular attractions of Bayville Adventure Park such Pirate Adventure Golf and much more. Go to bayvilleadventurepark.com for more information on those attractions.

Q: Does Bayville Scream Park do birthday parties?

A: Yes. Bayville Scream Park is a great place for birthday parties. We have packages for younger children which can include our Not So Scary package or you can do a package for older kids that include our nighttime haunted attractions. You also have the option of adding Adventure park attractions like Pirate Adventure Golf, the Jungle Tree Top Adventure, Rocking Climbing, Bungee Bounce, the Arcade and much more.

All parties include pizza and soft drinks, and other food and beverage may be added.

You may book your party directly on our website at bayvillehalloweenparties.fearticket.com or email us at ghost@bayvillescreampark.com

Q: What other things are there to do at Bayville Scream Park?

A: Bayville Scream Park is an entire Halloween theme park. In addition to the 6 haunted attractions there is also Pirate Adventure Golf, The Jungle Tree Top Adventure, The Bungee Bounce, Tombstone Creek Treasure Hunt, Rock Climbing, Bumper Boats, The Arcade, Beaches and Cream Ice Cream Parlour, The Creepy Café, The Scream Shop and The Shipwreck Tavern. There is also the Pumpkin Patch, Pumpkin Bounce and Halloween Express Train Ride for younger kids.

Q: Is there an ATM at the park?

A: Yes. We have 3 ATMs available at the park.

Q: What is Glow Stick Fright Nights?

A: You and your friends get only one glow stick to survive the haunted houses. The lights have been shut off. This special event is open only on our November dates.

Q: Can I get a refund if I decide I am too scared to go through the haunted attractions or can't make it all the way through?

A: No. There are no refunds under any circumstances.

Q: Are there any rules or limitations I should be aware of at the park?

A: Yes. Please read the Rules and Guidelines and Assumption of Risk below:


• No smoking, eating or drinking.
• No use of electrical devices including cell phones, flashlights or laser pointers.
• No photography or videotaping.
• No illuminated objects.
• No running, pushing or shoving.
• No touching of props or performers.
• No sharp objects, weapons or firearms.

You will not be admitted if you appear intoxicated or under the influence of drugs.

If you violate any of these rules you may be asked to leave the park without a refund.


The attractions of Bayville Scream Park are intense theatrical experiences. You will experience loud noises, bright lights, dark spaces, strobe lights and fog machines as well as damp or wet conditions and a physically demanding environment with possible uneven terrain.

You should not enter if you are pregnant, have problems with claustrophobia, have heart, back or neck conditions, are prone to seizures, have respiratory problems or any other physical or mental limitation that will impair your ability to experience these attractions.

Visitors to Bayville Scream Park understand that there is an inherent risk in entering the haunted attractions. In consideration and acceptance of admission to Bayville Scream Park visitors agree to release the operator, its parent company, affiliates, officers, directors, employees and land owner from any liability for harm, injury, death or expense that may arise directly or indirectly from visiting Bayville Scream Park.



Q: Can I buy souvenirs at the park?

A: Yes we have many souvenirs available in the Scream Shop including t shirts, hoodies, hats, light up novelties, candy, toys, Halloween collectibles and more.

Q: What time should I show up at the park to use my timed tickets?

A: You must show up no later than 1 hour after the time on your tickets.  If you tickets are for 7PM you must arrive by 8PM.   But if you have the the last time slot of the night you must be in the park before the time on your ticket.  If the last ticket slot is for 11PM you must be in the park by 11PM or risk finding the gates closed.

Q: What if I need to change the date of my tickets?

A: If you need to change the date you may buy a change of date ticket for $5.  You then just bring your original ticket and the change of date ticket and you may come on any other date or time you choose.

Q: What if I bought the 3 attraction combo ticket and want to upgrade to the 6 attraction combo ticket?

A: You may buy an upgrade ticket to add the other 3 attractions.  Then bring your original ticket and the upgrade ticket.

Q: What if I bought a Regular ticket and want to upgrade it to a Speed Pass ticket?

A: You may purchase a speed pass upgrade ticket on our online checkout.  Then bring the original ticket and the upgrade ticket.

Q: What happens if it rains?

A: The park usually stays open even if it rains but on some occasions some attractions or the entire park will be closed due to bad weather.  If the park is closed due to bad weather you may use your tickets on any other night the park is open.  There are no refunds if the park is closed due to bad weather.  You may return a different night to use your tickets.  If just some attractions are closed due to weather, you may come a different night to do all the attractions or you may due the attractions which are open and come back another night to do the ones you could not.

Q: Can I get a refund if I was unable to make it to the park, or for any other reason?

A: No.  There are no refunds under any circumstances.  if you fail to use your tickets you will still be charged.