Bayville Haunted Saint Patricks returns this March 2022
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6 Attraction Combo

Access to ALL SIX haunted houses. BEST SAVINGS: Less than $9 per attraction! Over 59% OFF.

Reg $ 54 .75
Speed $ 72 .75

3 Attraction Combo

Access to Bloodworth Haunted Mansion, Uncle Needle's Funhouse of Fear in 3D, and Temple of Terror.

Reg $ 47 .75
Speed $ 61 .75

If purchased online, you will be asked to show your credit card & ID at the event
REFUND POLICY No refunds or exchanges allowed for this event

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Bloodworth is a creepy manor that was once occupied by the unpleasant Dr. Bascombe Bay, a twisted scientist with a fixation on reanimating dead tissue. He constantly grave robbed and… experimented on corpses. The estate was eventually left to his twins, Bethany and Bernard, and the two continued their fathers legacy. But they upped the ante a lot more. Luring unsuspecting guests into the house, they would kidnap and torture them, perform ghastly experiments on the poor souls, hoping to crack the code on resurrecting their father. They succeeded… sort of. And created an army of the undead. But now their doors are open, and they invite you into their home for a wonderful stay. But they only hope to either feed you to their zombified minions, or use you as their next test subject. Enter if you dare, the dinner bell is ringing! Read More >>

One day, while working at The Hospital of St. Benedict in Bayville, New York, Dr. Barrington Bay was attempting to perform a tricky procedure on his pregnant wife. She died. Bay became… extremely volatile and hostile after that. Neglecting the staff and patients of the hospital and instead secluding himself in his own laboratory. Doped up on morphine and any other sedatives he could get his hands on, Bay was obsessed with reversing the process of dying and tested his gruesome and unorthodox theories and experiments on the unwilling and unsuspecting patients. And even the staff. Many perished. Horrendously. The hospital was shut down, but Dr. Bay and the staff somehow disappeared before the authorities arrived. To this day, there has been no trace of them. But some say they see the lights on the hospital come on in the middle of the night. And that shrill, death-defining screaming can be heard coming from the hospital windows and walls. But still no trace remains… Read More >>

Once inherited by the original founder’s great grand nephew Benjamin Bay, The Funhouse was never the same. Back in 1969, Bay donned the famous Uncle Needles outfit once worn by his great grandpa back in the… 1800s. He died on stage in the Uncle Needle outfit and his last words were simply, “Don’t worry, folks. Uncle Needles will always be here.” Once Bay masqueraded as Needles, things took a turn for the worst. He never took the costume off, horrible things happened at the Funhouse. Accidents, deaths, maimings, the place was no longer safe as Bay had brought in an army of sadistic evil-doers dressed as clowns. Visitors would go in, and never come back out. Even though the doors shut in 1971, people of the town still say they hear and see a man resembling Uncle Needles lurking around. And just when you hear, “Don’t worry, folks. Uncle Needles will always be here,” you won’t find anybody when you turn around. But by then, it will be too late. Read More >>

Famed treasure hunter Brewster Bay attempted to foil the plans of grave robbers who planned to take the jewels of the Hybaara cannibal cult. In failing, the jewels were lifted and a terrible curse fell before… the land. Namely in the form of walking, groaning flesh-eating zombie mummies from the grave! With no trace of Bay or the robbers and with your skills shaky, you must help retrieve the jewels and put a stop to this madness if we are ever going to live to see another day. The zombie mummies will stop at nothing to destroy you and your quest to save the world. And with only Bay’s journal and some clues left behind, you will have to navigate the tombs to solve the mystery and clean this mess up! Read More >>

Prisoners being transported from Bay View Sanitarium for the Criminally Insane never made it to its destination. The asylum was set for demolition so the prisoners were to be taken elsewhere. 35 of the most violently… unstable prisoners were transported out but the transport bus was eventually found, destroyed and burned somewhere deep in the woods of the Bayville Forest. The driver’s body was found lashed to a tree. His head was found in another tree. The remains of four transport guards were discovered in an abandoned picnic area. Their bodies were hacked and slashed apart and arranged to spell the phrase “No One Gets Out”. After a three month long search period, and numerous officers and locals going missing, none of the prisoners turned up anywhere. The authorities called off the search and it is rumored to be the stuff of legends now. But there is something awful in those woods, something we don’t know about. And if you dare venture into the Bayville Forest, you might just found out what happened. But never live to tell about it. Read More >>

A new steroid made to help enhance human growth was developed recently. It was created to be the potential cure for neurodegenerative and neuromuscular diseases. Project CAGE (Chemical And… Genetic Enhancement) was kickstarted and the drug was tested out on chimpanzees. The side effects were horrific, resulting in psychopathic hostility, rage, and brain damage. Testing on humans went even worse. The outcome was beyond catastrophic. People turned into bloodthirsty, cannibalistic animals, their veins bright green and eyes a horrible shade of yellow. They were filled with enormous fury and rage and were practically unstoppable, hence breaking out of the lab and spreading the virus all throughout the CAGE facility. You are to venture in and assess the situation, and hope you get out alive. Read More >>

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