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This was like going to Halloween Horror Nights in Orlando. Many haunts and bars and restaurants and a shop and more. Really great.
Paul W. Google Review
First time visiting here with my friends and we had such a good time at the haunted houses and mazes! Such a fun place to bring your family and friends! Also played the pirate mini-golf which was a blast!
Jon R. Google Review
We all got the open bar package at the Zombie bar and had dinner and did all 6 attractions. We spent the whole night there and had a great time.
Stephen L. Google Review
This was a great experience! One of the best I've been to. From the great ghoul costumes to the haunted attractions, I thoroughly enjoyed myself here. The jello shots were a plus!
Shauna S. Google Review
First time visit. We had a great time. Decorations, theme characters are great... heart racing. Only visited three attractions. Will go for all six next year.
Afra B. Google Review
OMG, what a wonderful Valentines Day spot. Dinner was excellent. Followed by haunted houses and a camp fire to stay warm. We had an amazing time.
Theo D. Google Review
Staff was very enthusiastic and my girlfriend had a great time which is all I cared about. The people inside of the haunted house scared the heck out of me too.
Tyler S. Google Review
Being attending Hallowing Haunted houses for years, this year we went to the Valentines Day and it was awesome as always. Staff very nice
Alexandra R. Google Review
The wait for most haunted houses was pretty quick- they got through the first 3 in under an hour, got some food and drinks on site which was reasonable, and then finished up the other 3, wrapping up the experience in about 2 and a half hours.
Janine G. Google Review
I went for the haunted houses, and they were very good. They're scary and make you jump in certain parts. Would definitely go again.
Darrel M. Google Review
Excellent, recommend it 100%. I actually got chased by the staff and they scared that life out of me. My son and I really enjoyed it and plan on going yo their Christmas fright, St. Valentines and St. Patrick.....Great work by all staff....
Manuel M. Google Review
Our group did all 6 attractions and had dinner between the first 3 and the second 3 which was great to be able to do. Really made it a fun night and this way we did not get too tired.
Jason E. Google Review